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A little tougher day 6

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Petra continues to make great strides in her recovery overall but had a bit of a tough day. She woke up with an upset tummy so refused breakfast. She got gaba and Tramadol during the day but no NSAID until this evening when she was feeling better and ate a good dinner. She seems to be having a tougher time getting comfortable today and is wanting to lick her stitches which she had not been doing up to this point, so we had to put the cone of shame back on. Poor girl can’t catch a break today. I also noticed a small seroma on her incision line so used a warm compress to try to relieve discomfort.  More rest and recovery is in order,  guess.

On the bright side, it’s getting harder for me to distinguish her gait from that of my other dogs moving around the house! Although she still does not have much stamina, she is moving around and getting out to potty with no trouble.

Hope all the tripawds and their families are having a good Friday!

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6 thoughts on “A little tougher day 6”

  1. Hi. I am sorry to hear that Petra had a rough morning. I hope that she is doing better this evening! It is definitely hard to watch our furbabies be uncomfortable. Hopefully, a few more days and she will be feeling more like her old self. My lab “Lucky” is 8 days post op and has been doing well overall, but we are still trying to figure out how to keep him from overdoing it. I wish you and Petra well! May the new year bring health and happiness to you all!


  2. I’ve been following Petra’s progress and yes, even with ups and downs, it’s all still progress during recovery!-
    I know we keep referencing hoomans, but this is MAJOR surgery while adjusting to three….hoomans would still be in the hospital on steady pain meds!!

    The fact that she is already adjusting to her new gait and is mobile on her own is a HUGE victory!!

    Glad her tumny issues resolved. The meds can cause stomach upset sometimes. Try and stay consistent with the pain meds as, once the pain kicks in it’s harder for the meds to catch up.

    The stitches are pro starting to get itchy and may pulling snd poking a bit. Good move on the cone. Take a picture of the seroma if you have any concerns and send to the Vet if you need to.

    You are doi an EXCELLENT job 9f carin fot uour sweet girl. Give yourself a hug!!! And now go hug Petra for us! She is soooo darn cute!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. I think this is a pretty good report. Seromas are quite common and as long as you continue to try to minimize her activity right now, the fluid should reabsorb into the body. As for her stitches, they’re probably itchy. Check with your doc to see what’s OK to put around the wound area. We like Microcyn for that kind of thing.

    We hope this week leads to more great reports!

  4. Petra seems to be doing amazing! Give her a couple more days and she will be back to herself. We went through a rough recovery path with our boxer Maya and she is now in the 2 1/2 week mark and doing great. Maya and I are wishing her a speedy recovery.

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